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Global Innovation Index 2020

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) together with INSEAD and Cornell University has announced the Global Innovation Index (IIG) for 2020. This is the 13th edition of the Index, which aims to help policymakers understand innovative activities, which promote economic development. The study is based on 131 economies, the results of which are based on 80 indicators, which include the steps of application of intellectual property, high university rankings, and scientific-technical publications (Cornell University, INSEAD and WIPO (2020))

The Republic of Northern Macedonia is in 57th place out of 131 countries according to the Global Innovation Index (IIG) for 2020, announced on the 2nd of this month, according to which it marks an increase in 2 countries above the list of countries, which invested in innovative infrastructure.

According to this report, the Republic of Northern Macedonia has a significant increase compared to the past two years, which is mainly related to the general policy of the Government of the Republic of Northern Macedonia regarding small, micro, and small enterprises average.

Global Innovation Index 2020

North Macedonia’s Rankings, 208 – 2020 (comparative)

                      GII           Innovation                 Inputs
2020               57                  46                         63
2019               59                  52                         63
2018               84                  71                         93

A great success achieved, according to the quality indicators ISO9001 (22nd place) and high and medium high technology products (21st place) as well as the position in the category of knowledge and technologies has improved, according to which the Republic of Northern Macedonia is in 58th place.

According to the Global Innovation Index, the Republic of Northern Macedonia has above average scores in five of the seven pillars of the Global Innovation Index, which refer to institutions, infrastructure, market sophistication, where it ranks 17th, knowledge and technological results and creative results.

The five most innovative countries, according to IIG analysis this year are Switzerland, Sweden, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.