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SOIP launched a new web site and database search tools

SOIP has launched new web site with e refreshing new design and look. Also new search engine for patents, trade marks and industrial design.

New features

The new web site has many of the new trending technologies, such as:

Responsive web design approach, this technique makes the web site adaptable to every computer screen and smart device, such as PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone etc, which means content packs up according to any device screen.
The design is simple and very intuitive. Main meny on top, on the left hand side are quick filters of the content, for easier browsing, on the right hand side are the quick links to the most useful links, and in the middle goes the main content.

Social network integration - below the main menu on the right hand side there are placed share buttons that enable sharing of the page to most the social networks on the internet, via mail or printing it and exporting it as electronic document. Social network users now can follow SOIP activities on Facebok, Twitter, Youtube or using our RSS feed channel

Google maps integration - Google maps is integrated for easier address navigation. The list of active representatives registered at our office now can be navigated directly on the web site. For those representatives who already google maps address we are able to get tha information to our web site and show the address via google map container.

RSS feeds - RSS feeds are integrated too, currently only for the news section.

New search engine for patents, trade marks and industrial design, incorporated with operators such as =, >, <, >=, <=, LIKE, AND, OR, which help the user to build more complex and precise queries to extract the correct information. Search results now can be exported to Excel, Word files, or printed via the print button.

Details view now has a cleaner look and feel, the data is shown in a tabular way, the images are bigger the faster is the load time. Details view now can be shared via mail or social networks.

Administrator panel is web application too now, which provides more flexible possibilities on content management.

Dear reader we would appreciate very much if you encounter on errrors or performance issues to give us a feedback, for the web site or for the search tools.