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Regional TAIEX workshop on crime in intellectual property

Within the TAIEX instrument to support the European Commission in cooperation with the State Office of Industrial Property of 30 and 31 May 2013 , in Skopje, the Regional TAIEX workshop on "Crime in the area of intellectual property." The workshop was attended by 111 representatives of regional institutions involved in the system of protection of intellectual property, of which 75 representatives of the Republic of Macedonia and 36 representatives from abroad .

The workshop engaged eminent experts from INTERPOL , EUROPOL , Patent and Trademark Denmark Instiutot safety of pharmaceutical products , the Institute of Trade of Great Britain , the Italian Financial Police and the Customs Administration of the Netherlands .

The purpose of the workshop was to discuss the problem of organized crime in intellectual property in the international context and encouraging cooperation between relevant institutions in the region and beyond. Special emphasis was placed on monitoring channels counterfeiting and piracy , dealing with the " pyramid of forging " trade in counterfeit drugs over the Internet , international cooperation and raising consumer awareness of health risks and threats to their safety.

Keeping the workshop will contribute to the promotion of mutual cooperation of institutions in the region and to raise the level of protection of intellectual property rights in accordance with European and international standards.